Thursday, 27 October 2011

Over View

Uganda Health Care Federation (UHF) is an umbrella organization affiliated to the East Africa Health Care Federation and as such represents the interests of non-state health players in Uganda.

UHF was Formed in 2010 borne from the need to have an umbrella body which unites and represents all players in the private health sector in Uganda.


To promote and enhance medical care in Uganda with emphasis on the provision of affordable and accessible quality healthcare on sustainable basis.
To work in partnership with the government to build sound policy, regulatory and institutional framework supportive of increased productive investment and private sector led growth.
To unite, Organize and promote all Associations and companies involved in private healthcare business.

To address problems of a common nature with in the private health sector
 To advocate for issues that affect the health sector at large.
 To compliment the public sector’s work regarding health of the country.
 To monitor the work being done in the health sector, identify loopholes and suggest means of improvement via dialogue and advocacy.

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