Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Great News for UHF-Enhanced Capacity

New Role at UHF-Senior Advisor/Adminstrator

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself to all Uganda Healthcare Federation Members. I am Joanita Lwanga and I have been newly appointed as the Senior Advisor/Adminstrator for the UHF. This is great news for UHF because through this role, we will continue to build and enhance the capacity of our organisation to yield the objectives that it was set out to accomplish and fundamentaly improve the health care system not only in Uganda but the East African region as a whole.

The USAID-funded HIPS (Health Initiatives for the Private Sector) project works with the Ugandan business community to find cost-effective ways to ensure access to vital health services for company employees, their dependents and the surrounding community members. HIPS is currently providing support for the Uganda  Healthcare Federation (UHF), that seeks to advocate in unison for the private health sector in Uganda. For this much needed partnership work and support, I would like to extend my gratitude to HIPS and USAID for assisting UHF particularly through this role for a year

What I do at UHF
The role is quite wide and diverse, however I will summarise very briefly some of the vital duties and responsibilities I am undertaking at UHF.  Through this role I will encompass building membership of the federation, whilst harnessing rapport with all relevant stakeholders in the health sectors. Coordinate, monitor and support all UHF activities and ensure their smooth implementation. I will act as a liaision between the members and stakeholders in addition to working closely with the HIPS partnerships team overseeing support extended to UHF by the project, organising and attending board, committee and other meetings that may be relevant for the federation, supporting the establishment of a voluntary self regulatory systems for quality standards in the private sector, represent the federation at conferences and meetings incuding networking events, participate in the development and implementation of special project activities, liaise with the Kenya Healthcare Federation and other country members of East Africa, participate in the organisation of inter-country meetings and exhibitions, to name but a few. I also will be responsible to the UHF chairman Dr. Ian Clarke and the HIPS Partnership Team Leader Dr. Harold Bisase.

Who Am I and What does it take for this role?
As earlier reiterated, there is a far wider remit on several duties and responsibilities which I will be undertaking and if you feel your issue or point isn't covered and would like any input, communication or support with UHF in your various streams of work, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am quite approachable, professional, experienced in building partnerships, have strong organisational, management and interpersonal communication skills. I am also human, I have a sense of humour. As earlier said, if you would like to contact me I will be more than happy to set up a meeting, phone call or email and see how we can take the work or proposed project activities in relation to UHF objectives forward.

You will be getting constant communication from me for the following year with new developments and exciting prospects for all UHF members in the coming year. Thank you all in both your individual and organisational capacity, for the effort in aiming to build a high quality standard health care system in Uganda and the East African region. I strongly believe that once we work together we all will achieve the main goal and objective of seeing a high quality standard health care system in our country, which is achievable when we all work together.

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