Monday, 9 January 2012

Enhancing Credit to the Health Sector program (DCA).

Happy New Year UHF members and all prospective members! This year comes with bright prospects for all UHF members please find enclosed further details on how you can enhance the private health sector in Uganda to fully flourish in this year! We will be having many more exciting opportunities, updating you on latest information and services available to all of you out there. Keep checking and following our blog! Happy and prosperous 2012!!!

Dear Partners,
USAID and the HIPS Project, wish to inform you of a potential new program that your organization may want to take advantage of. In early 2012 the US government anticipates launching the Enhancing Credit to the Health Sector program (DCA).  Through this program, the US Government works with select Ugandan Banks to offer loan products specifically designed for the health sector. 
As many of you may beware, the health sector often has a more difficult time than other sectors receiving loans from banks.  There is a perception among the banking community that healthcare companies are not run like for-profit businesses and therefore will not be able to pay back loans.  The DCA has been designed to work with borrowers (health companies) and lenders (banks) to facilitate more lending to the health sector and to demonstrate that health sector can be an important client for banks.
If you are a healthcare company,( for example a clinic, hospital, pharmaceutical company, or manufacturer of healthcare products) and are interested in taking out a loan to expand your business, let us tell you how we may be able to assist you.
1.    Firstly, HIPS can provide hands- on technical assistance through a “financial check up”.  Our financial specialist will visit you to discuss your interest in taking a loan and perform a “financial diagnostic” to assess your readiness to take a loan, through analyzing your financial statements, including cash flow management and projections.
2.    Secondly, if you are prepared to move forward with seeking a loan, HIPS can help you analyze how a potential loan (and the investment you make with the loan funds) would help you generate additional revenues which can be used to pay back the loan. Additionally we can help you to better understand the risks and obligations of borrowing.
3.    Thirdly, HIPS can facilitate your meeting with the bank and assist you in the application process.
It is important to note that this program does not guarantee lower interest rates or longer repayment terms, as each loan application will be assessed individually and the terms and the conditions will vary.  However, USAID and HIPS will work closely with the both the lenders and borrowers to minimize risk which may at times results in more favorable terms.
If you are interested in this program, please contact Barbara Addy +256 414 347594, or Joanita at
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Barbara Addy

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