Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Productive Board Meeting 10th January 2012

Uganda Healthcare Federation successfully held its board meeting at HIPS (Health Initiatives for the Private Sector) with a near full board attendance. With the great support of HIPS/USAID Uganda Healthcare Federation I am pleased to say is moving forward in great strides and aims to accomplish a lot more in this new year.
All board members present were very motivated and enthusiasitic in carrying the momentum forward at its current professional and invigorating rate. Several important issues were discussed including forward working plans, partnerships to be formed and important top level public private sector bodies on which UHF aims to have a direct input. The membership is also slated to grow bigger and wider this year, with various associations around the country realising that UHF is the more structured umbrellla body in the private health sector to be joined. In brief, some of the important issues discussed include:
  • A report on PIRT (Presidential Investors' Round Table)
  • Update on representation and direct access of UHF members on the PSFU (Private Sector Foundation Uganda) when top level meetings are being held
  • Represenation on HPAC (Health Policy Advisorty Committee)
  • Enhancing Credit fiannce in the private sector
  • Standards, quality and ethics in the private sector-move towards self regulation
  • Medical health insurance bill
  • East African Federation Conference
Detailed information and minutes of what was discussed will follow this brief. Keep following the UHF to enhance, the quality and build the capacity of not only your private organisation, but the health sector as a whole in Uganda. Thank you to all the board members who attended and made very valuable contributions and to HIPS for organising and supporting UHF in its crucial work.

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